Help during a rough year.

Kim and her staff are awesome. They really helped our family this school year! Thank you so much for everything. – L.A. Mom of a fourth grade student

Finally, someone to help.

Homework was becoming a nightly fight for both my child and I.  Neither of us was looking forward to it.  By coming to Covert Educational Services, both my child and I got support, strategies and guidance.  We have both benefitted from these sessions.

-M.C.  mother of fifth grader

Miss Kim helps me…

Miss Kim helps explain things for me that I am learning in school.  She is nice and answers all my questions.  I like coming to see her because she makes learning fun.

-T.G. Fourth Grade

Finally success!

My student was feeling so defeated in school.  He lacked confidence.  Since meeting weekly with a tutor his skills have sharpened, but more importantly his confidence has soared.  I can’t thank you enough for helping him remember he is a smart kid.  ~M.L. Mom of an 8th grader.