Summer Programming

Summer Enrichment Programming

Looking for something fun and educational for your child to do to avoid the summer slide?  Is your student looking for an enrichment activity to supplement their learning?  These programs are just what your child needs to keep their skills sharp, get more practice and have some fun doing it.  Register by April 1st to receive a discount. 

Graphic Novel BOOK CLUB: This book club will explore many different Graphic Novels.  During these sessions, students will read and discuss the stories.  There will be discussion of plot development and illustration style.   There will also be fun activities for students to do along with these stories including create their own graphic stories.  Students will be assigned reading outside of class.  Class materials and a copy of a book to keep.   Minimum of 8 students Maximum of 16.  For grades 5-8

Fee to CES:  $129 July 8-12 9-11am

Reading and Writing Club:  Reading and Writing Club is for student that will benefit from extra review.  Students will read in small groups and individually.  The reading focus will be on decoding strategies and increasing comprehension.  Students will also practice journaling, writing stories, and reports.  Students will learn organization strategies for writing.   Students will be given a journal with writing prompts and take-home reading strategies at the end of the club that will assist them with their summer reading and writing goals.  Minimum of 8 students.  Maximum of 16 Fee to CES: $129

For students exiting grades 1 or 2. July 29-Aug 2 9am-11am

For students exiting grades 3 or 4.  July 15-19 9am-11am

For students exiting grades 5 or 6. July 22-26 9am-11am


MATH CLUB:  Math Club will be primarily review for students.  Parents should call if they have questions about which level their student should be in.  Students will do worksheets, play math games, work individually and in groups to solve math problems.  Minimum of 8 students.  Maximum of 16.  Fee to CES: $129

For students exiting grades 1 or 2.  Time will be spent on addition and subtraction, beginning multiplication and grouping, telling time, counting money, and basic measurement.  July 15-19 9-11am

For students exiting grades 3 or 4.  Time will be spent on addition and subtraction of larger numbers, multiplication, division, story problems, basic fractions, and units of measurement.  July 22-26 9-11am

For students exiting grades 5 or 6.  Time will be spent on story problems, fractions, pre-algebra and geometry skills, and ratios. July 8-12 9-11am

For students exiting grades 7 or 8.  Time will be spent on Algebra 1 review.  July 29-Aug 2


Writing Lab: This class is for middle school and high school writers.  Meet with a small group of aspiring writers to work on your own project or start one with us.  Learn the steps of effective writing in a fun and enriching small group environment.  Sessions are once a week for 5 weeks.  Fee to CES: $99

For students exiting grades 6, 7 and 8 Tuesdays July 9-Aug 6 9am-1030

For students exiting grades 9, 10, and 11 Tuesdays July 9-Aug 6 11-1230


Summer workbooks: We are grade appropriate writing and math workbooks available for purchase.  Please contact us directly for the order form.  Fee to CES: $15 each


Individual sessions: We will offer individual tutoring sessions for students.  Sessions will begin the week of July 8 through the week of August 12.  We offer help with all ages and subjects.  Contact us to get on the schedule.

30-minute sessions $199 for seven sessions

45-minute sessions $289 for seven sessions


SAT and ACT Prep Course: We will be hosting ACT/SAT Prep small groups and individual instruction this summer.  Student will work on the tips and skills to take the test effectively or improve their score.  All students receive a practice book to take home.  Dates for these courses will be available in April.

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