Graphic Novel Camp

Virtual Graphic Novel

We are so excited to offer a virtual Graphic Novel Camp this summer for students entering grades 4-8.   Students will get a graphic novel of their choice and participate in a week long group discussion and activities.  Register on our payment page and receive a list of graphic novels to choice from.  The list includes:

  • A Wrinkle In Time
  • The New Kid
  • Babysitter’s Club Little Sister
  • Smile
  • I Survived (Graphic Novel)
  • The Pathfinder’s Society
  • And More!

You can create a “private” group with you and your friends by registering 3 or more students.  We will set your own time on the weeks of camp.  Email for details.

Our New Schedule

I thought I would share the schedule I am using for our family.  Remember, I have 4 kids and we have a lot of projects to work on.  The feeding and watering of everyone here can take a while.  I also felt like we need a schedule.  It is WAY more relaxed that the hectic pace of a month ago.




Before 10 am: Wake, make bed, misc house items, breakfast and cleanup, vitamins.

10:00-12:00pm: Focus on school work assigned by teachers on devices

12:00-12:30pm outside

12:30-2:00 Lunch, cleanup and free time

2:00-3:00 Religion, reading practice, handwriting, passion projects, book reports, extra work (This will vary from kid to kid and day to day.)

3:00-4:00 House work: 

  • Monday: Bedrooms and laundry
  • Tuesday: Bathrooms and kitchen
  • Wednesday: Outside and garage
  • Thursday: Basement and laundry

4:30-6:00 Free time (Dance classes, exercise, hockey practice, yoga, walks)

6:00-7:30 Prep, eat and clean up dinner

8:00-9:30 Free time



Before 10 am: Wake, make bed, misc house items, breakfast and cleanup, vitamins.

10:00-12:00pm: Focus on school work assigned by teachers on devices

12:00-12:30pm outside

12:30-2:00 Lunch, cleanup and free time

2:00-3:00 Cooking and baking (Radish and other recipes)

3:30-6:00 Free Time


School’s Out-Now What?


We all got the news from the governor today.  As parents (and educators) we are asking a collective, now what?  Well, that is going to take some time to figure out, but here are some things you can do right now:

  1. Take a deep breath.  We will figure this out.  We are NOT going to recreate school.
  2. Create a spot (or two) in your house for “school”most of the time.  This can be anywhere.  We have a table in the basement and some beanbags for alternate seating that is where most of school is happening.  Collect the supplies (paper, pens, markers, chargers, books) you will be using for school.  We have our writing supplies in a silverware holder.
  3. Remember how your kid learns best.  Online learning requires skills not everyone has.  Give your kid a break – literally and figuratively.  If you know your kid isn’t self directed, realize you may have to check in with them more often or offer them the option to take frequent breaks.
  4.   This is an excellent time for your child to pursue their interests.  These will be things they are motivated to learn independently.  Things like sewing, coding, painting, research about something they have always wanted to know.  Ask for a powerpoint, product, or production when they are finished.
  5. Focus on two things.  First, the one thing your child needs to work on most so they don’t fall behind. Is your child a struggling reader?  Do they need extra math practice?  Focus on this first.  Next, focus on their interest or passion.  Then, slowly add in the rest.
  6. Develop a schedule.  School at home will not take 7 hours.  Take advantage of the fact that your child does not have to catch a bus at 7am.  For our house, school starts at 10am with the expectation that all kids have changed into their day clothes, eaten breakfast, made their beds, brushed their teeth, and taken their vitamins.  If you want to sleep in until 930am and then get it all done great.  If you are an early riser you can get all these things done, hooray you are have some time to yourself.  I’ll share our complete schedule in another blog post.
  7. You are not alone.  You can get help from your child’s teacher, other parents, the internet or call us.  We are setting up virtual sessions for students and parents.  We would be happy to create a schedule.  We will also have enrichment packages available once we figure out what is going on.  These will be available in another blog post.

Message me at for assistance or details about sessions.

Daily Activities 3/27/20


Writing Prompt: I am still seeing requests for letters for residents of nursing homes.  Make a card or write a letter for someone that is lonely, actually make a few.  Mail to: Chelsea Retirement Community 805 W. Middle Chelsea, MI 48118. One of their residents turns 100 on April 3.  If you make her a card (Edna) send it in care of Hazel Mead.

Other: Plan and make dinner.  Check what items you have, plan a meal, prepare the meal and HELP CLEAN UP.

Exercise: Get some wheels.  Ride your bike, scooter, skateboard or roller skates today!