Daily Activities 3/26/20

Writing Prompt: Write a “how to” paper today.  Explain to someone how to do something:  Make a pizza, PB&J, ride a bike, anything.  Pretend you are explaining to a person that has never done it before.

Art: Make a self portrait.  Draw you doing your favorite things.

Fun and games: Play your favorite card game.  Make a family tournament.

Science: Chose your favorite animal.  Find the answers to these questions:

Where does your animal live (habitat)?  What do they eat?  What kind of animal is it (mammal, bird, reptile)?  Can this animal be a pet?  What are some challenges this animal faces?

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Daily Activities 3/25/20

Writing post: Write a letter or email to your teacher.  Let him/her know how much you miss them.

Art: paint a picture of your favorite thing (your pet, a sport, your musical instrument)

Music: Do some Karaoke!   You can find some great karaoke on YouTube

Exercise: Take your dog for a walk….no dog, take yourself for a walk.

Make a baked treat for someone you love!  Share them after dinner tonight.

Daily Activities 3/23 and 3/24/20


Sorry!  Yesterday’s activities were in my drafts…..I am just adding today to yesterday and have learned how to schedule posts.


Writing Prompt: Write a story from the perspective of a dog.

Math: 15-20 minutes of Khan Academy or math worksheets

Exercise: Shoot baskets for 20 minutes or dribble around your driveway

Art:  Cut pictures out of magazines or catalogs and make a collage.  (Your favorite foods, things, animals)



Writing Prompt: Write a story that takes place on a train.

Math/Art: Make homemade playdough (big kids like this too!) Measure and mix.  Double the recipe and practice your fractions math.

Exercise: Pick up sticks in your yard….not exercise?  It sure is and you are helping get work done too!



Daily Activities 3/20/2020

Writing Prompt: Write a letter or make a card for someone and send it to them in the mail.  Grandparents LOVE to get things in the mail.

Math: Do a page of math problems, 15 minutes on Khan Academy, or problems in a packet/workbook you have a home.

Building/creating: Make a lego structure, a block tower, or some other creation with building blocks.

Exercise: Run a race.  Run to the end of your driveway, to your outdoor play structure, or to the mailbox.  Time yourself and see if you can improve your time.

Cooking class: We have been watching this kid cooking class at our house.  Make lunch (or dinner) after watching it!