Daily Activities 3/23 and 3/24/20


Sorry!  Yesterday’s activities were in my drafts…..I am just adding today to yesterday and have learned how to schedule posts.


Writing Prompt: Write a story from the perspective of a dog.

Math: 15-20 minutes of Khan Academy or math worksheets

Exercise: Shoot baskets for 20 minutes or dribble around your driveway

Art:  Cut pictures out of magazines or catalogs and make a collage.  (Your favorite foods, things, animals)



Writing Prompt: Write a story that takes place on a train.

Math/Art: Make homemade playdough (big kids like this too!) Measure and mix.  Double the recipe and practice your fractions math.

Exercise: Pick up sticks in your yard….not exercise?  It sure is and you are helping get work done too!



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